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Educational Topic of the Week: Mentoring


Today’s tips is by Alysha Dominico from BNI Canada

Tips To Help New Mentors Get More Out Of Their BNI Membership.

– When you induct new BNI members, have The New Member stand and shake hands with the Mentor.

– Encourage the New Members to book in for the earliest BNI MSP training to solidify understandings of BNI and to network with members of other chapters.

– Mentors and Mentees/Proteges see each other weekly until Protege has his/her first feature presentation.

– Mentors help the Proteges improve their weekly presentations.

– Mentors help the Protege prepare for their first feature presentation.

– Mentors help Proteges develop a list of invitees for their Personal Visitors Day.

– Encourage the Protege to have One-to-Ones with other Members of the Chapter.

– Help the Protege to create a list of referrals they can work on for other members of the chapter.


Episode 527: Will Social Media Replace Face-to-Face Networking?

Dr. Misner is very active on social media and thinks it’s great for brand-building. But for most businesses, social media does not replace all other forms of marketing. Unless you’re in an Internet-related business, social media doesn’t generate referrals in the way that face-to-face networking does.

Statistics and More at the Read More.

Would you like to substantially increase the number of referrals that your BNI chapter generates?

If so then listen to BNI Podcast Episode 518: Want More Referrals? Show Up!

Years ago, a chapter president wanted to prove to Dr. Misner that attendance had no effect on the number of referrals passed. After 6 months, absenteeism dropped by 71%. Referrals went up 62% and membership went up 50%. A second chapter tried the same experiment. After 9 months, absences decreased by 53%, referrals went up 164%, and membership grew by 90%.Absences-vs-Results-Chapter-1-620x173

Memory Hooks and You

I had been thinking about Memory Hooks and the training we do in the Member Success Program (MSP) . Explaining to members why a memory hook is a tool to use at a large mixer so that you are memorable, but in your chapter it could be a detriment to your wealth.

Dr. Misner’s podcast 498 Do Memory Hooks Really Work? Has a great synopsis of when and where to use a Memory Hook give this Podcast a listen

Episode 498: Do Memory Hooks Really Work?

Reset Your Password (BNI Connect Mobile)

If you have forgotten your password you can reset it directly through the mobile app with just a few quick steps.

Kindly note that in order to log into the mobile app you must have created your account and logged in at least once through the full browser platform.

Step 1: Click on FORGOT PASSWORD
Step 2: Enter your email address and click FIND ME
Step 3: Answer your memorable question
Step 4: Choose a new password
Step 5: Success! Login with your new password!

Kindly note that this will be the same password for both the BNI Connect Mobile App and the full website experience at

Happy Connecting!

*Borrowed From BNIGlobal HQ Support, Thanks Jeremy!

Which do you choose?

referral slip.png

Advantages to using the paper form


Advantages to using BNI Connect Online Slip via BNI Connect Mobile App

easy to fill in, just add pen


3 part form – white pink yellow

Easy to hand to chapter member

Handed in during referrals/testimonials

No computer or phone required

No Login


It’s paper (coffee spills)

poor legibility

manual tracking

not completely filled in

manually entered by VP in PALMS


no writing just use your keyboard

pull referral info right from your address book

looks just like the paper slip

emails member being referred

print out your receipt

Handed in during referrals/testimonials

Tracks given and received in BNIConnect

Automatically entered into PALMS

Inviting through the App


I forgot my phone (can’t really help with this one)

I forgot my login ( You can recover your password at the login screen)

Both Slips are successful and have an integral spot in the history and future of BNI.

Personally I like the Online Slip since I carry my phone with me. I have my members and referral slips with me always.

Filling out a referral online the slip emails to the member I am referring and logs it into my palms report which makes the life of my Vice President so much easier, they don’t have to track me down to translate my writing.

When I have an opportunity I can go back and check the numbers I have generated for my chapter and once everyone is using the BNI Connect Mobile app I can look at my received numbers.

Go get the BNI Connect Mobile App for iOS (Apple Store) or Android (Google Play) today and reduce the stress level of your Vice President!

Building Self-Esteem Through BNI

Submitted to SuccessNet by Don Hayes, Rees & Hayes, Integrity BNI, BNI Vermont

I receive monthly updates from this website called BabyCenter. My wife was first made aware of the site while she was pregnant. What hooked her was how the site compared the size of the fetus to common fruits – from poppy seed to pumpkin.

Now our little poppy seed is three, but the monthly BabyCenter emails keep coming. This month we were directed to an article on how to build your toddler’s self-esteem. As I read the article, it occurred to me that there are a lot of similarities between raising a happy toddler and raising a happy BNI member. In part, self-esteem is about feeling valuable – feeling appreciated for the work we do and the contributions we make. The article listed 7 things that parents can do to build self-esteem:

1.      Give love unconditionally. The idea is to participate with no strings attached. Givers Gain, right? A new member like myself may not be able to generate a ton of referrals now, but I’d still like to feel like I contribute. Not keeping score is a way to make sure everyone wins.

2.      Listen attentively. Put the phone away. Be present. Listen. Nothing communicates “I care about what you are saying” better than active listening. Eye contact. Body language. Be welcoming. And that fosters confidence: “People really do care about what I am saying.”

3.      Encourage healthy risk taking. Without risk taking there is little opportunity for meaningful success. Whether it’s bringing a guest or giving a referral, we can encourage healthy risk taking by being a solid foundation for each other, and by providing support. Being welcoming to guests encourages people to bring guests. Being responsive to referrals encourages people to give referrals.

4.      Let failure happen. While we hope every referral leads to closed business, it doesn’t always happen. Therein lies a valuable message: if you are the “referrer” – you were able to draw from your pool of resources to help someone out; if you are the “referree” – someone thought enough of you to send business your way. In other words, be thankful even for the business that didn’t close!

5.      Celebrate the positive. Sure, we do that every week by recognizing referrals and closed business. But, it goes beyond that – celebrating, as a group, the new addition to a family, or celebrating exceptional business growth of a fellow BNI member – even celebrating the contributions made by a member who has decided to move on. When we focus on the positive, we not only foster confidence, we create enthusiasm.

6.      Resist comparisons. Comparisons are meaningless – each person here is unique – each business represented here, by design, is unique. When we see ourselves as too similar we are unable to appreciate individual talents; or when we see ourselves as too different we fail to find the connections. We’ve heard the disclaimer before: individual results may vary – and that’s a good thing!

7.      Be encouraging. Positivity – even in the face of defeat – not only does it build confidence, but it also encourages future risk taking. We are all here because we want to grow our businesses. We will have down days, but under that unified purpose, we can encourage each other to achieve great things so together the trajectory of our combined efforts will arc toward success for all.

Just remember, we all started out as poppy seeds.

Are You Standing in the Middle of Referrals?

BNI Podcast Episode 404: Standing in the Middle of Referrals

I was thinking about the Reticular activating system while preparing to lead a Member Success Program today and remembered this gem of a podcast.

It’s not as hard to think of someone to refer to your fellow BNI members as we think. We are all, every day, each and every one of us, standing in the middle of referrals.

The reticular activating system in your brain passes ideas from the conscious to the subconscious mind. This is why when you buy a new car, you suddenly see that model of car everywhere.

If you put your reticular activating system to work, you will see referrals everywhere. The following phrases indicate that a person is ripe for a referral:

  • “I can’t”
  • “I need”
  • “I want”
  • “I don’t know”

Whatever the person says after that tells you what kind of referral to make. For instance, if someone says “I don’t know how to do podcasts,” you can refer them to Priscilla.

To see the full transcript and download the podcast please click on the link below.

What Is Your Purpose? Discover How to Gain Referrals

This is a 2-3 minute activity that involves those at the meeting.

You will need to read it through beforehand and be prepared. What you say out loud to the group is in larger type in bold.

The purpose of this workshop is to focus members on the purpose of some BNI activities.

Start by asking the members…

What is your purpose in listening to Infomercials?

Seek responses and repeat 2 or 3 of the best to the group. Now say….

What do you do when other members are giving their infomercials?

Seek responses and repeat 2 or 3 of the best to the group. Now say….

Do you ever give feedback to other members about their Infomercials? If so, what things would you comment on?

Seek responses and repeat 2 or 3 of the best to the group.

From the BNI perspective, your role in other members Infomercials needs to be as follows….

  1. Listen carefully
  2. Take notes on what appeals to you
  3. Take notes on what does not work for you or teach you anything
  4. Write down the type of referral you will be looking / listening for this week
  5. Do all the above for every member
  6. Give feedback to at least 2 members each week
  1. Praise if it was great and you learned something
  2. Suggestion/s if you saw a way it could be better

Always remember that things written down will be remembered far better and you will be a better referral finder if you invest some energy and activity into other members Infomercials.


Get A GRIP On Inviting Visitors

Using the GRIP process to invite visitors to a BNI Chapter meeting